Monday, April 18, 2011

Firefly's KAYLEE by JO CHEN, signed by JEWEL STAITE

A beautiful piece drawn by the awesome Jo Chen, who drew Kaylee on the cover of the Firefly comic book published by Dark Horse Comics, and signed by the artist. So what could make this a more perfect piece for die-hard Firefly fans? How about it also being autographed by Jewel Staite herself, AND kissed leaving a lipstick print directly on the page?

Only downside is that you're left feeling jealous of a piece of paper.

Made possible by the generosities of Jo Chen and her exceptional talents, and Jewel Staite, who until now had promised herself she'd only go to first base with Zagat-rated dining establishments.


Anonymous said...

When will the auction take place Mike?? cant wait to bid :D

spinkick said...

so bummed I missed this opportunity! Can someone please tell me how much this piece went for at auction?