Monday, April 18, 2011

Inside the Mind of Rebekah Isaacs

This donated collection from the insanely talented Rebekah Isaacs is a real treat.

First of all, I'm a huge fan of her artwork. As a person, she's truly evil, but the darkness of her heart and soul is more than made up for by her exquisite sense of craftsmanship in her art, from the masterful grasp of anatomy translating into the uncanny ability to convey body language both naturally and expressively, to her sense of design and being able to balance intricate detail with organic placement of open spaces on the page, all while being an exceptional graphic storyteller.

Included in this auction is a wonderful and impressive double page promotional piece showcasing the entire DV8 team. However, for me, just as impressive from Rebekah's donation would be her behind the scenes stuff which she also included.

These character designs, along with a full issue's worth of layouts for DV8 issue 8, allow you to take a look behind the curtains and see a true artist's thought processes in developing great characters with personalities and physical idiosyncracies, and using those characters as pieces visually acting out the story in a comic book. A must have for any fan of the medium, or any aspiring comic book artist, or any fan of the awesome Rebekah Isaacs.

But seriously, I hear she eats children or something.

Check out her artwork HERE, and follow her blog HERE.

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