Monday, October 24, 2011

I think being preachy is stupid, and being preachy on the internet is doubly stupid. I'm also told repeatedly not to be political or controversial online, or really even be too opinionated on anything, because people might subsequently not buy my work based on my personal leanings. That kind of makes sense, so I adhere to it, because what do I have to gain when I spout my bullshit, given that I theoretically have something to lose?

But here's an observation. I think when you get married, and you have someone that you call your wife or your husband and not something more general like partner or girlfriend/boyfriend, and you wear a ring to show everyone you have this specific relatonship with this person, you either find yourself so happy you want everyone to be able to share that specific feeling, or you're so happy that you don't want to share it at all with people who aren't like you if you can find a loophole.

I don't have any gay friends. Like, legit, I cannot think of a single person whom I would consider a FRIEND friend, who I know is gay. Well, except one, but he's more a friend of my sister's. What I'm saying is that I'm not really speaking on behalf of anyone other than myself and my, granted, VERY limited point of view, defined pretty much by sitcoms on nbc and abc.

But I know what having a husband or a wife means. And I know it's different from having a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Or a partner. No one thinks about being buried next to their girlfriend or boyfriend. Or visiting grandchildren with their partner. You don't grow up thinking it's about legal titles, you grow up knowing it's a very specific relationship that being a husband or wife, or having a husband or wife entails. And gay people have this relationship too, right? I don't know, maybe they don't, I've never had this conversation with a gay person. I talk to my sister's friend about X-Men, mostly.

I guess my point is there isn't a reason good enough that says a person can't call someone their husband or wife if both people really want to.

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Mir said...

I think it´s a perfectly valid point and it makes a lot of sense. If you don´t mind, I´ll try to use the last sentence when talking about the subject, because it summarizes pretty well what I was thinking.